Panther: A Tribute To Pantera   




01. Domination- Pissing Razors
02. Mouth For War- Boiler
03. Good Friends & A Bottle Of Pills- The Step Kings
04. I'm Broken- Murder 1
05. Five Minutes Alone- ILL Nino
06. Becoming- Hollow
07. The Great Southern Trendkill- A.C.
08. Cowboys From Hell- Disarray
09. Walk- Lunatic
10. Use My Third Arm- Crush Efekt
11. Cemetery Gates- Strength
12. Fucking Hostile- Nok


  Southern Death: Tribute To Pantera   




01. Cowboys From Hell- Enertia
02. Message In Blood- Hostile Intent
03. Suicide note Part II- Scary German Guy
04. Domination- Dementia
05. Becoming- Gooseflesh
06. Mouth For War- Terminal Plan
07. Five Minutes Alone- Human
08. I'm Broken- Black Earth
09. Rise- Disarray
10. Primal Concrete Sledge- Diesel Machine
11. Fucking Hostile- Crematorium