Avant 1990   

I Am The Night / Projects In The Jungle
I Am The Night (Alternate)
All Over Tonight
Rock The World
Metal God'89
Hairspray From Hell (Glamtera)
Live At Basement 89
Power Metal Live
Vulgar Display Of Power Metal
Metal Gods

  De 1991 a 1994   

Vulgar Display Of Demos
Mouth For War
Essen '91
Moscow '91
War In Hollywood
The Hell With It
Vulgar in Philly
Fucking Hostile
Virgin Live At Naniwa
Stuttgart '92
Sure You're Right
Art Of Shedding
Walk On The Wild Side
Europe 93
Texas 1993
Psycho Cowboys
Fucking Hostile Cowboys From Hell
In The Skin
Live 1993 - Vulgar Display At Newport
Four Cow-boys From Hell
A Whiplash of Pure Power
Vulgar Live Power
Far Beyond Live
They're Broken
Power Groove
Slaughtered Show
Armed And Dangerous
No Compromise No Sellout
Castle Domination
Shedding Skin
San Jose '94
Support the Madmen
London '94
Nine Thousand People


  De 1995 a 1998   

Noize, Booze And Tattoos
Houston 95
This Rocks
Fresno 1995
War Nerve
Dayton '96
Pittsburgh '96
East Rutherford, 1996
Tokyo '96
Montreal '97
Utah '97
San Jose '97
Santiago '97
Ozzfest - E. Troy, WI
Anchorage '97
Philadelphia '97
Cincinnati, 1997
Worchester '98
Black Tooth
102 Proof
Phoenix '98

  De 1999 a aujourd' hui   

Los Angeles '99 Second show
San Jose '99
Chicago '99
Nassau Collisseum
Kings of Modern Metal
Philadelphia '99
Hellbound in Oslo
Manchester Madness
Hellbound in Milan
Reinventing The Bootleg
Reinventing The Live
Wanted In Tokyo
Camden 2000
East Troy - 2000
Cincinnati - 2000
Kings of Metal
Eat Pussy 'Til Your Jaw Fucking Breaks
Ten Pits
Toledo '01
Poughkeepsie '01
Sunrise '01
Goddamn Hamilton
San Diego '01
Mouthful of Ass

  Autres Bootlegs   

5 Minutes In Hell The Singles 1991-1996
The Complete Soundboard Collection
Live Beyond Driven
Power Metal & Walk Remixes
Hellbound 3
Hellbound IV
Metal Power And Walk Remixes
Demons Beyond The Cemetary Gate
Live And Alive
CaughtBy Darkness
High Voltage